How To Organize A Long Holiday?

A holiday that extends more than 2 weeks can be easily termed as a long vacation. Such holiday plans are perfect for summer holidays when schools and colleges are closed for several weeks. If you wish to go on a long vacation, you need to choose a suitable destination. If you have a reasonable budget, you can choose a city or state that has lots of tourist attractions. By the time you visit all the tourist locations, it would take around 2 to 3 weeks or even more depending on the place you select. In this article, we will be discussing some easy tips on how to execute a long holiday plan.

  • Finding a homely holiday accommodation
    Staying in a hotel-like environment is not practical for long holidays. Any vacation that extends more than a week can be quite tiresome if you are choosing a stereotype hotel or resort. The best way to resolve the issue is to find a holiday home. As the name suggests holiday homes are residences that can be rented for an extended period. You may not find a luxurious environment at holiday homes, but still, it would be cozy and clean. The best part is that holiday homes are affordable. They come in various sizes and styles. You can find old-fashioned country cottages or modern private villas Seminyak depending on the area you select. The rates depend on the number of bedrooms and outdoor amenities that accompany such special accommodation services.
    • Advance bookings can save money
      Early bookings can yield you economical deals on transportation, food, and accommodation. Nowadays, there are many tourism websites and mobile applications that let you compare, calculate, and book various holiday services. You can take advantage of such online tools to find best deals on long-term accommodations, restaurants, vacation rentals, hotels, resorts, and spa services. Likewise, you can also make the advance flight and train bookings to avoid the last-minute hassle.
      • Quality hospitality services
        Wherever you stay for a long duration, you would need the assistance of cordial staff members. Holiday home rentals provide dedicated room service, caterers, and housekeeping workers. At reputed vacation rentals, the management further provides all the personalized needs of their guests. So if you are planning a long stay, you need to make sure that the holiday home you select is recognized for its hospitality services. You can get feedback from various sources. There are online forums and tourism sites that offer candid reviews on various resorts, pool villas, and holiday cottages. You can also contact the customer care service of various holiday home rentals to discuss your interests. This would help you in judging the quality of their overall hospitality.

How To Score A Hundred On Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is everything when it comes to running any business. A satisfied customer is the reason more and more business keeps coming your way, and a dissatisfied customer is the reason why you are probably facing huge debts. Keeping your customer consistently satisfied is a challenge, especially when their judgements could waver and change any time. However, it is a task that ought to be achieved, only then could you increase your profitability as well. So here are some tips to help you work on that customer satisfaction score. 

Working on e-availability

Everything today is done via a laptop, a computer or even a smartphone, by simply accessing Google. If a customer were to find about a reliable luxury hotel investment company or a guesthouse in general, he or she could simply do so by searching for one online. And this technique has become so popular today, that it is even believed that if a firm is not available online with a website of its own, then it is probably a bogus one. And you would be surprised at how many firms are simply losing business merely because they aren’t available online nor do they have their own website. And that is why it is important that you build a website, one that is easily accessible and lets all potential clients know of your existence. Capture them from that one digital glance, and you wouldn’t even have to put in much effort at capturing them physically (that doesn’t mean your services should be lousy either! It just means that your job becomes much easier).

Serving based on client and place

The kind of service you offer at a guesthouse located near the countryside or in the middle of a hiking woods, would be much more different from the service expected to be offered at a hotel situated in the middle of a busy city. And this service you offer also differs based on the clients that are expected to visit. In the middle of a hiking woods you would expect families or couples on a holiday to visit, while in a busy city you would expect working busy businessmen and high profiled celebrities that are forever on the go, to visit. So depending on the clients that visit you ought to design varying packages of stay with varying services and facilities included.

Be quick and alert

When you offer hospitality jobs vacancies in Hong Kong you need to make sure that you pick the most efficient persons that are not only qualified academically for the job, but are also experienced in the kind of service you expect them to perform. And that is why when it comes to handling customer complaints and such, you need to hire persons that are previously experienced with the job and managing angry clients, or train them in the necessary course of action that needs to be taken when encountered with such situations. Addressing customer grievances fast and providing them with a resolution to the issue they might be facing as quickly as possible, shows how much you care for the wellbeing of your customers and also the extent you might go to ensure customer satisfaction. Doing so, would certainly guarantee that perfect score you expect to achieve when evaluating customer satisfaction.

A happy customer means a happy business. So do make sure that all your clients leave with a genuine smile to guarantee a long future for your firm and its potential success!