Want A Beautiful Holliday Destination? Visit Vietnam

Due to its geographical shape Vietnam is mostly known as the Land of the “ascending dragon”. The shape of the country on the world map looks just like a roaring dragon. But unlike its shape the country is popularly known for its mesmerising beaches and hospitality. If you are looking to spend some quite time on any virgin beach, then Vietnam should be your next destination.

There are lots of travel agents who can give you a good Vietnam holiday packages for this beautiful country. The luxury travel agent will guide you through and will ensure you spent a peaceful and lovely vacation by the spectacular sea beaches. They will offer the best deals so that you can get the most out of your money spent. Vietnam is known to be one of the cheapest destinations of the world thus much cheaper tours packages are available and you can visit this country with a minimum budget. The agents will help you plan your vacation in a proper manner. There are a few beaches in Vietnam that you must visit and take home a lovely experience with you.There are many places where you can go and visit with unrivalled luxury. It shall be pre planned by your travel agent. Below mentioned are a few places that you may visit during your stay in Vietnam.vietnam holiday packageHo Chi Min CityThis is absolutely bustling with life. It is a city which should be on your must visit list in Vietnam. There are famous historical monuments which you may visit. The Notre-Dame Cathedral, a French Colonial important landmark, is visited by thousand each day for its historical importance. Also, do visit the chi chi tunnels for some good adventure. HanoiThis is the capital city of Vietnam. Also, this second largest city according to the population is one of the happening places of the country. As it lies on the right bank of the Red river the place has gained much scenic beauty. Here the modern meets the medieval and they coexist peacefully in this beautiful city. The tall building gives you the picture of modern Hanoi and the ancient monuments of the colonial past still stand straight. Have a tour of the important pagodas and also of the Buddha temples. Their serenity will leave you in silence.Visit the wondrous beachesIn this beautiful country of virgin beaches be sure to take a day tour to visit the Da Nang and Hoi An beach. They are one of the calmest and serene beaches of the world. With the scuba diving and other water sports you will enjoy a lot with your family and children.

Visit Vietnam and have the most pleasing vacation of a lifetime.

Teresita Pabon